Model 5101

Formerly Model #5502

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Perfect for most storage facilities, the Model 5101 offers excellent performance and reliability at an economical price.

  • Duty Rating Light-Duty
  • Insulation/R-Value N/A
  • Layers 1
  • Warranty 25-Year
  • Price $

Galvalume, White, Silhouette, Polar Blue, Forest Green, Dark Teal, Light Teal, Marine Green, Glossy White, Buckskin, Desert Tan, Continental Brown, Cedar Red, Sunset Orange


Galvalume Bottom Bar with Lift Handle
Galvalume Bottom Bar with Lift Handle

Dual Lock Assembly
Dual Lock Assembly
Steel Bearing Shaft Support
Steel Bearing Shaft Support
 Adjustable Tensioning Device
Adjustable Tensioning Device


     Model 5101 / 5502 Model 5151 / 5502-30 Model 5161 / 5566
    Sheet Steel Thickness 26 ga 26 ga 24 ga
    Max Standard Width 10′ 10′ 8′-8″
    Max Standard Height 10′ 12′ 12′
    Spiral Wound Barrel Diameter 9.5″ 9.5″ 9.5″
    Guides 18 Ga 18 Ga 12 Ga
    Wind Load Available No Yes Yes


    3-Part Specifications

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