Model 2731

Formerly Model #1380

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The Amarr 2731 features two steel skins surrounding 1-3/8″ inches of CFC-free polystyrene. Each skin consists of woodgrain-embossed flush 27-gauge steel to provide a solid wall of protection from the elements.

  • Duty Rating: Medium-Duty
  • Insulation/R-Value: 6.7
  • Layers: 3
  • Warranty: 10-Year
  • Price: $$

Section Profile:

Flush Woodgrain Embossed
Flush Wood grain Embossed


Construction Detail:

Model 1380
Triple-Layer Steel + Insulation + Steel
Window Options:

21” x 13” Short Panel
21” x 13” Short Panel

41” x 13” Long Panel
41” x 13” Long Panel

24” x 6” Double Insulated Acrylic
24” x 6” Double Insulated Acrylic

Color Options:
True White
Wicker Tan

R-Value     6.7
U-Value     0.149
Steel Thickness     27/27 ga
Panel Design     Flush
Steel Embossment     Woodgrain
Construction Layers     Three
Max Std Width     18’2″
Max Std Height     14’1″
Door Thickness     1-3/8″ (3.5cm)


3-Part Specifications

Amarr’s 3-Part specifications are written in the latest CSI format and are available for download in PDF, Microsoft Word, and Rich Text Format.

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3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2731.pdf 3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2731.pdf
3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2731.doc 3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2731.doc
3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2731.docx 3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2731.docx
3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2731.rtf 3_Part_Spec_Amarr_2731.rtf